There are many conditions that PhysioFit can successfully treat...

At PhysioFit a series of manual techniques combined with the latest technology are used to solve numerous musculo-skeletal problems, including:

Sports Injuries...

• Golfer’s elbow
• Tennis elbow
• Damage to knee ligaments (common in skiers)
• Sprained ankles
• Groin strains
• Runner’s knee

Over-use injuries general problems...

• Lower back pain
• Neck, shoulder and upper back pain
• Aching joints
• Upper limb disorders including RSI (repetitive strain injury)
• Stress related problems (such as headaches)

The PhysioFit approach involves looking at the whole body, not just treating the immediate area of pain.

The first step is to meticulously assess a number of factors: the patient’s previous medical history is discussed and his or her general posture studied, as is the condition of nerves, ligaments and tendons, the movements of muscles and joints, and their relative positions both in use and at rest.

In addition, time is spent analysing the patient’s lifestyle, work environment and sports or fitness routine, before a firm diagnosis is made.

Once the specific problem has been identified or the pain located, a course of treatment and rehabilitation is undertaken, bringing into play a number of inter-related techniques.

Massage, nerve and muscle stretching, spinal manipulation and mobilisation, electrotherapy (including Ultrasound and interferential pain relief), traction, strapping, relaxation techniques and posture correction are all involved, together with a series of self-help techniques such as home exercises - with final outcome aiming to prevent recurrance of the problem.

The PhysioFit system aims to stop problems from recurring, so a system of on-going health and mobility checks has therefore been developed.

This is particularly important for patients who suffer from stress- and work- related problems, such as those incurred by spending long hours at a computer.

At-risk patients attend six-monthly or annual clinics at PhysioFit treating potential trouble spots before they become a major problem.

However, one of the most important aspects of any treatment is what the patients themselves practice. Exercise and education - of the muscles, body and attitude - are the key factors that will maintain good health long after treatments at PhysioFit are completed.

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